Reasons to choose us:

  • The duct elements are manufactured in clean production areas.
  • The elements are suitable for apartment buildings and other buildings (hospitals, production buildings, etc.)
  • They can be used in both new constructions and renovation projects.


Our elements are easy to maintain, durable, leakproof, and simplify the design process and accelerate construction. There are different options for modular elements – ventilation, water supply, heating, and electricity supply.

We can adjust the solution according to the customer’s requests at the design stage. This includes reviewing the drawings together and selecting the materials we use. We seek to create the most accurate preliminary design documentation possible to ensure the customer quick installation. Our elements enable fast and successful installation with a smooth finish.


Our duct elements are lightweight and easy to install. Installation does not obstruct other construction works, as the elements can be installed by only two workers.

The main advantage of our duct elements is their versatility:

  • Pipes can be simultaneously moved in vertical direction by +/– 300 mm.
  • All pipes can be separately moved in horizontal direction by up to +/– 20 mm.
  • If necessary, pipes can be changed one by one.


Ceiling elements are produced in cooperation with the customer, at the factory on a project basis. The elements are made so that they could be easily connected to each other on the object.

The main advantage of the ceiling elements are their optimal measurements which enable the customer to make adjustments within the element. For example: if ownership of the production building changes and the new owner wants to change the valve extracts, it will be easy to do.